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6 Historic Whiskey Labels Revived by the Bourbon Boom

The bourbon industry has certainly had its highs and lows. Distilleries were hit hard when Prohibition took effect in 1920, and many didn’t last to see its end in 1933. Even the revered still of Stitzle-Weller ran dry in the early 1990’s, after clear spirits took the lion’s share of the market from whiskey.

Fewer highs, however, have reached the interest and investment we see in the world of American whiskey today. Hundreds of millions of dollars of development are taking place in Kentucky alone, and microdistilleries are popping up in almost all fifty states.

This modern revival has brought dozens of new bourbon and whiskies to consumers – and has breathed new life into brands considered all but dead. Here are six of our favorite whiskies first distilled decades ago that we’re drinking again today.

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