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Bardstown Bourbon Company Doubles Capacity

There’s a lot of growth and development afoot at Bardstown Bourbon Company (BBC), according to a recent release. The company announced this month that they are doubling their production capacity by installing a second 50-foot tall copper and brass still — their second expansion since opening in September 2016.

“It is remarkable what is happening at The Bardstown Bourbon Company,” said Master Distiller Steve Nally in prepared remarks. “In all my years in the bourbon industry, I’ve never witnessed the level of knowledge sharing and collaboration between companies taking place in one facility.”

BBC is home to a unique “collaborative distilling program” that encourages non-distilling brand owners to work alongside the production team. The crossover leads to unique and innovative ways to distill bourbon, and good ideas can be rapidly scaled up thanks to the decades of experience on hand.

“We are pushing the boundaries each and every day,” said John Hargrove, Executive Director of Distilling Operations. “By respecting tradition while embracing and advancing innovation, we are able to attract some of the best brands from across the country and the world.”