The Day Has Come for Whiskey at Luxbar

Luxbar-1-768x1024-8becd41c85a250c48fb49820167d9dfe810a8a17A few years ago Steve Gleich never thought he would see the day when whiskey would outsell vodka at Luxbar.  “But”, he added, “that day has come.”  Steve is the Bar Manager at the Gold Coast establishment and has been there for nearly 8 years.  He was kind enough to chat with us last week about their whiskey program.

The array of whiskeys on display behind the bar was impressive.  Steve grinned while he admitted that the selection is deepest for some of his personal favorites, such as the E. H. Taylor family of bourbons, Yamazaki 12, 18, and 25 year Japanese whiskeys, and many Willett bourbons and ryes. They had just sold out of the 12 and 23 year Willett bourbons, but miraculously still had some Exploratory Cask Finish (XCF) rye.  We also noticed several other limited releases, such as the Michter’s 20 year bourbon, Elijah Craig 18 and 23 year bourbons, and 2015 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon.  Needless to say, we were pleased.