Gain a New Level of Whiskey Street Cred at the Filson Bourbon Academy

filson-academy-170f1a67f9468a8c066a1ea814c24b3046ca744aSo you say you’re a bourbon geek, but you haven’t yet graduated from the Filson Bourbon Academy?  There’s really no better way to improve your whiskey street cred than to hang your newly minted Bourbon Academy diploma on the wall.  Fortunately the twice-a-year program is being taught again on March 5th from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Bourbons Bistro in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Filson Bourbon Academy is a day-long course taught by Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Famer Michael Veach.  There are course materials, multiple rounds of whiskey tastings, and question and answer sessions.  Topics are broken down into…