14 Amazing Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

Looking for the perfect gift for the whiskey lover in your life? Look no further!

Family names, monograms, photos all add that extra touch that can really make a gift stand out and matter even more to the recipient. Handmade and truly unique items also show that you really care by going that extra mile for your whiskey lover.

These items are the perfect way to show that special someone that you love them just as much as they love whiskey!

Whiskey Appreciation Crate

Man Crates manages to set itself apart from the standard gift basket by providing fun packaging (it ships in an actual crate), high quality products, and excellent customer service for their items. Their Whiskey Appreciation Crate just about has it all, including snacks, personalized whiskey decanter and rocks glasses, ice sphere molds, slate coasters, and a whiskey journal.

Stone Drink Dispenser

While you might not be able to put a name or initials on this one, this Stone Drink Dispenser is handcrafted in Maine, so no two are exactly alike, creating a very unique gift. Fill it full of your love’s favorite bourbon to add that extra personal touch.

B-Cycled Bottles

Show your partner that you want a future with them so much that you’re going green with your gift. These handmade, recycled bottles are both stylish and environmentally friendly, something any eco-conscious whiskey lover will appreciate.

City Map Glasses

Help your loved one show their affection for their city (or an adopted or aspirational city) with the City Map Glass that highlights 21 of America’s greatest cities. These scotch glasses offer a different look on the same concept. There are also options for those who are more into pedaling than driving, though the city choices are a bit more limited.

Neighborwoods Map Coasters

Now if your whiskey lover really, really loves their city, you can double down for the whole shebang and add these beautiful coasters to their glass gift. These cedar coasters are etched with “snippets of your urban grid” and include 15 U.S. cities. Looking for something a bit more European? You can also find the coasters highlighting Berlin, Paris, London, and Rome.

DIY Whiskey Toothpicks

We’ve advocated for making these whiskey-flavored toothpicks in previous gift guides, and we’re going to do it again. Making your own gift is super personal, and these are so easy even the least crafty among us can make them.

Whiskey Making Kit

What’s more personal than savoring a caramely glass of bourbon that you or your whiskey lover has handcrafted with their own blood, sweat, and tears? Well, hopefully none of those actually make it into the final product, but all of the other ingredients that you’ll need, minus the alcohol, in this handy kit.

Custom Whiskey Stones

Sure, your recipient probably already owns a set of whiskey stones — they’re a pretty standard part of a good whiskey bar set … but do they own whiskey stones with their name (or yours) on them? Well, they can now with these custom stones that can be created to spell out anything you want them to, plus they come in their own little box.

7 Deadly Sins Glasses

There are a million options to choose from if you’re looking for personalized or monogrammed glasses (a simple web search will give you plenty of choices), but why not make this holiday special with a little extra sinning? These clever glasses highlight the seven deadly sins with original artwork by award-winning cartoonist Mort Gerberg. The devil’s in the details, so don’t forget to personalize them with either a name, initials, or a special date.

The Kings County Distillery: Whiskey Notes Tasting and Distilling Logbook

Creating memories through taste is best done with a partner, and this logbook is a great way to remember all of the amazing tasting notes that you’ve experienced together.

Whiskey Embroidered Hoop Art

Handmade, unique, charming — this embroidered wall hanging has it all, including lyrics by the Felice Brothers. Let your loved one proclaim their affections for you and whiskey on their walls.

Whiskey Candy

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but these whiskey candies made with Crown Royal and shaped like gems will likely net you a friend, and hopefully lover, for life.

Whiskey Sugar Shaving Cream

Face, legs, wherever your loved one wants to use this thick, rich treat will leave them relaxed and ready for a glass of bourbon and some cuddle time (which you’ll look especially look forward to once all of that hair has been removed). The shaving cream is a mixture of smooth southern whiskey blended with raw sugar, vanilla, and a very light musk to create a sweet and sexy product.


Whiskey Wedding Band

If you’re really ready to go all the way with your sweetie and are using this Valentine’s Day to pop the question, be ready and waiting with your wedding bands, handmade from Jack Daniels whiskey barrels. Now that’s true love.

And there you have it — plenty of choices to beat the standard flowers and chocolate to create a truly memorable experience for the special whiskey drinker in your life.