Kentucky River Tours Gets In On The Bourbon Business

Good news for anyone who loves taking a bourbon tour! Kentucky River Tours is partnering with Buffalo Trace Distillery, just adjacent to the Kentucky River, to begin offering tours featuring a very rarely seen view of the historic site.

Kentucky River Tours is a relatively new business in the area created by the owners of another business called Canoe Kentucky. As part of their arrangement with Buffalo Trace, distillery employees and fans of the distillery on social media will get to name the river tour boat that will provide this unique service — specifically, a 28-foot-long Carolina Skiff that holds up to 18 passengers.

So, make sure to follow Canoe Kentucky on Facebook if you’ve got a dog in that fight.

The companies are promising a 45-minute tour of the Kentucky River’s Pool 3, along with a talk focused on the history of “the river that made bourbon,” and how the bourbon industry was shaped by the environment. Tours should run Tuesdays through Sundays, starting this Summer, if everything goes according to plan.

At just $14 per person, this sounds like a cannot-miss experience if you’re visiting Buffalo Trace.