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Midwest Bourbon Drinkers: Look for Wyoming Whiskey’s Single Barrel Bourbon

If you’re looking for a rich, lush whiskey deep copper to mahogany tones, made with the finest non-GMO ingredients, straight out of the heart of Wyoming, you’ve found it. The recently released Wyoming Whiskey Single Barrel Bourbon just hit store shelves and is prime for tasting — but only if you’re lucky enough to live in one of six U.S. markets.

This is one of those bourbons that is so good that it creates a frenzy around it. It’s the first release to hit stores since two pallets sold out before the bottles even made it to the shelves in November of 2015. Now patient bourbon drinkers can indulge in the result of twelve barrels that represent the top 1% of bourbon produced in the three rick houses of Wyoming Whiskey, hand selected by head distiller Sam Mead and industry consultant and master blender, Nancy Fraley.

This new batch is double the quantity originally produced in 2015, for a total of 400 cases of Single Barrel. That should hopefully make it a bit easier for bourbon lovers in Illinois, New Jersey, Minnesota, New York, Wisconsin, and Wyoming to get their hands on a taste. Each barrel has its own slightly different flavor profile, thanks to five years of maturation.

“This Single Barrel release has been highly anticipated since our 2015 bottles sold out so quickly. This is the bottle that you hide from your friends. My dad doesn’t ask for much, but he asks for this,” David DeFazio, Co-Founder and COO at Wyoming Whiskey, said.