New: Booker’s Bourbon, Annis’ Answer – 126.7 Proof

bookers-annis-ebb3dd1e268cc5a9df34022e55c0f1e310c01537Booker’s Bourbon, one of the many American whiskey bottlings from Beam Suntory, is known for its robustness and high alcohol content due to being uncut and unfiltered. The strength of each batch release is thus typically on the super strong side, with the first 2016 release, Booker’s Bluegrass, topping out at a mouthwatering 127.9 proof. It is now being followed by the next batch, Annis’ Answer, which is itself a monster at 126.7 proof, or 63.35% ABV.

The story of Booker’s Bourbon, Annis’ Answer, according to master distiller Fred Noe, is that it is “made up of barrels from…