Tasted: Wyoming Whiskey Outryder

Launched in the Fall of 2016, Wyoming Whiskey’s Outryder is a straight American whiskey that holds the Bottled-in-Bond designation so is exactly 100 proof.

Outryder is unique in that is not a bourbon, and not a true rye. Rather, it is a blend of two different mashbills from the Fall of 2011. One is a traditional bourbon mashbill containing 68% corn and 20% rye, and the primary grain of the other is rye at 48% with corn taking a supporting role at 40%. Though not technically a bourbon due to the blend, it has the characteristics of a rye-heavy bourbon.

Wyoming Whiskey uses non-GMO grains grown in Byron, WY.


Tasting Notes

Color: Amber

Nose: Honey, Floral

Taste: Honey, Caramel, hint of Citrus and Spice

Mouth: slightly creamy, smooth

Finish: Medium, vanilla, toffee


Comments: I was a little surprised at how much I liked this whiskey. What it lacks in depth on the nose, it makes up for in a delicious palate and great-tasting finish.



Note: Though the producer provided us a sample for review, it did not affect our editorial opinion.