Wyoming Whiskey Releases ‘Integrity’, A Tribute to Alan K. Simpson

Based in Kirby, Wyoming (population: 90), Wyoming Whiskey – the Whiskey of the West – has had a simple goal: to create America’s next great bourbon. They use the finest non-gmo corn, winter wheat, winter rye, barley, and water from the Bighorn Basin and promote Wyoming’s natural and human resources. Every drop of this bourbon is 100% Wyoming, and Wyoming Whiskey prides itself on doing things the right way, not the easy way. This authentic bourbon and whiskey is as proud and as American West as it gets. Alan K. Simpson has embodied this same spirit as a true and passionate representative of Wyoming for so many years, which is why Wyoming Whiskey has chosen to honor him with the release of Integrity.

Please find some additional information regarding the release of Integrity copied below, the release will be exclusively available in Wyoming.